Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Secrets of "Roller Blinds" for being Popular: Marikina City

Ever walk into good old grandma's house, with her old fashioned curtains?  Roller blinds being so popular nowadays, using curtains just feels old, tiring, and cumbersome.  If the owner is too busy or lazy for its  laundry, it just feels dusty.

There is a reason for roller blinds or shades being so popular among the many types of window treatment products.  In fact, you will never go wrong choosing roller blinds over other types of blinds or curtains.  The reason is simple - it is very straight-forward.  And there lies the beauty of it, for being so simple in terms of function and beauty.

You want to see the view, or control the amount of light entering your room - just pull it up mid-way or all the way up.  You want privacy - pull it all the way down.  This is evident to both residential homes and offices.

For offices, roller blinds is almost always a requirement especially for high-rise buildings.  Simply putting a roller blinds will bring down electricity cost by significant amount due to roller blinds ability to insulate heat.  Cosmetically, roller blinds adds formal and business mood and ambiance to any type of office setting.

One of our many clients in Marikina City, confident in DS Windows & Walls service and delivery team, opted for a T Series Grey fabric shades.  To understand the many types of fabric materials composition visit this blog.

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  2. Nowadays there are numerous designs of blinds suitable for almost every type of window. When you have a window with the view of a scenic landscape, seascape, pool, mountains, etc. you should consider a blind that pulls up as tightly as possible to minimize obstruction of the view.

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