Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why Most People Favor Lighter Wallpaper than with Colorful Design – Taguig City, Philippines

One of our clients in Taguig City opted for Best Wallpaper in her living room. She selected white color with a large print like Victorian style. She loves the design in the Victorian era, but she also wants to be practical in choosing the best wall cover. Her first choice is a black background with the same printed design to emphasize the Victiorian design that she loves, but because it dominates with the color black, finding the right furniture that will match with the color will be difficult, unlike white that can easily match with almost everything.

Lighter color will not only make your life easier in matching your furniture, but will also help give your house a clean look and a brighter ambiance. Some people find white color as prone to dirt, but one of the good things about the wallpaper in DS Windows & Walls are very washable so you can easily wash the dirty spots without worrying about ruining your wall.

Vinyl Wallpaper: Code 21211

The Wallpaper: Code 21211 selected by our client does not have too visible design especially when you are far from it. However, the good thing is that it creates a different kind of illusion that makes it more interesting. 

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