Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunscreen Roller Blinds Helps to Show the Natural Beauty of your Workplace: ACT Tower, Makati City, Philippines

Roller Blinds has two different types, the Sunscreen and Blackout Roller Blinds. They are both made of PVC and polyester and with same mechanism. Because of the simple yet sophisticated look of Roller Blinds, many people love to choose Roller Blinds compared to other new style of blinds. The simple and the flawless mechanism also added the charm for people to use and adore Roller Blinds. 

Like our client in ACT Tower, Makati City opted for Roller Blinds for their large windows in their office. They decided to use Sunscreen Roller Blinds to emphasize the natural beauty of their large window and it also adds some relaxing influence with the people staying in the lounge. They also love the idea that Roller Blinds let some natural light in the room without harming the furniture, just enough to brighten the room. 

Installation of Sunscreen Roller Blinds in Makati City, Philippines
Sunscreen Roller Blinds: F1301 White
Beautiful Roller Blinds Installed in ACT Tower, Makati City, Philippines

DS Windows & Wall also offer different types of blinds. For our clients' convenience, we do house to house visit for actual measurement. Just call us at (02) 893-1373 / (02) 403-3262 / 0916-311-3909 or email us at You can also see other products in our website at To personally see our products, you can visit our showrooms at 4th Level Waltermart, Makati City, 3rd Level Robinsons Metro East, Pasig City and 2nd Level Pacific Mall.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finding the most suitable blinds for your place whether PVC Vertical or Fabric Vertical Blinds: Marikina, Philippines

In choosing your blinds, you must first consider what outcome you want to accomplish to get the right and suitable blinds for your place. Vertical Blinds can provide you a great light control and can cover a large window even though the window or door is ten feet high and even more. It also has a great mechanism that will give you an easier and relaxer life. Both PVC and Fabric Vertical have the same mechanism control, but have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  •  PVC Vertical Blinds are commonly used in offices because it has low maintenance, great for busy people occupying the place.
  • This blind can also help control the temperature of the room. Unlike any other blinds, PVC Vertical Blinds are great at blocking the heat from your window and it also helps in keeping the cool air inside the room. 
  •  PVC Vertical Blinds can provide you a simple design, but sophisticated look that most office or commercial area required. It also has various choices like printed in floral or curvy style depends in what you like and want.
  • It is one of the opaque materials available and can darken your room totally.

PVC Vertical Blinds Installation in Marikina City, Philippines

Fabric Vertical Blinds
  • Fabric Vertical Blinds can give you the perfect amount of light just enough to lighten your place without harming your furniture and yourself.
  • This blind is a great choice for homes because it is made of fabric material that gives you a welcoming and homely feeling for brightening the mood of the people who live in the house.
  • The biggest advantage of Fabric Vertical Blinds is the weight factor. PVC Vertical Blinds is much heavier which make it straighter that whenever the wind is strong, it is resisting the wind that will cause to break the rail, clip or the slat itself, unlike the fabric blinds that go with the wind flow and lighter compared to PVC.
Fabric Vertical Blinds in Marikina, Philippines

Light Weight Fabric Vertical Blinds for Patio Doors
Both Fabric and PVC Vertical Blinds has their own advantages and disadvantages. It is only a matter of your choice and need that will help you to find the suitable blinds for you.

DS Windows & Walls Interior Supply offer both fabric and PVC material for Vertical Blinds. For more information, email us at or call us at (02) 893-1373 / (02) 403-3262 / (02) 668-9668 / 0916-311-3909. You can also visit our website at Our showrooms are located at 4th Level Waltermart, Makati City, 3rd Level Robinsons Metro East, Pasig City, 2nd Level Pacific Mall, Lucena City for the actual sample of our products.