Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Real White Wood Blinds for Executive Offices: Pasig Installation

 More than the aesthetics, interior design plays a role in productivity, creativity, brand identity and overall impression of room spacers. The same aspects are looked upon when it comes to the design of an office space. Also equally important to these is maximizing the space that offices have, especially if that space is limited. In this blog, we will highlight how our real white wood blinds played its part in the executive office space of our Pasig client. 

Before going to our product, let us establish first why offices should be properly designed and why it is important that the environment is appropriate for doing work. A well-designed office reduces distractions and creates a more pleasant and interesting environment, therefore, workers can concentrate better and be more productive. For starters, using adaptive furniture, plants, and natural or flexible light through the use of blinds can all help to increase worker productivity. A visually appealing workspace may stimulate and inspire creativity and invention by creating an environment that is both stimulating and motivating like utilizing open areas, instilling vibrant or neutral elegant colors, and movable furniture.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Venetian Blinds for Bay Windows : Makati Installation

Nowadays, we make things work by setting up mix and matches, may it be for our outfits, food, work setup and even for our interior and home decor. This method gives us a sense of style and freedom in expressing ourselves in colors, textures and different designs not just through a single element but with paired ones. Diving into the world of perfect pairings, our article today talks about the mix and match of venetian blinds and bay windows for our Makati client.

Like the many blinds we discussed before, venetian blinds are composed of strips of either wood, plastic or aluminum. These slats are horizontal in form and can be adjusted through a cord or a stick. The adjustments allow full coverage or less protection from sunlight. When adjusted, the horizontal panels overlap and provide the amount of protection a client prefers. We see venetian mostly anywhere, may it be residential spaces or commercial ones. These are preferred because of its functional and ornamental benefits.

Friday, June 23, 2023

Roller Sunshade for Condo Living : Quezon City Project

Needless to say, condo living is at its high in the country. Well, who wouldn’t be enticed with great amenities, excellent security, convenient location and low-maintenance living? When you are in the metro, everyday you’ll be on the go so an accessible home is a must. Being in an elevated area requires proper sunlight protection and covering. This is where today’s product comes in. In this article, we shall venture on condominiums and how roller shades complement them in style and in function.

Countless sites provide why the demand and preference for condominiums are at an uptrend. Because work opportunities are mostly in highly urbanized areas, employees and job seekers tend to take the leap. This given, these workers look for a place that will be near shopping places, groceries, restaurants and fast food chains so that their everyday living will be easier. Further, condominiums compete for useful and entertaining amenities may it be pools, gyms, work and study lounges and even spas. Another inviting aspect of shifting to condo living is that it is low maintenance. One may need to pay fees but at least some house work will be taken off their shoulders, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Faux (PVC Type) Wood Blinds for Durable but Stylish Interior : San Juan Project

Whatever industry or wherever we are in life, the importance of having alternatives cannot be more pronounced. May it be a small daily decision or major life choices, having alternatives allow us to be resilient and quickly adapt to ever changing trends and environments. Take faux wood blinds as alternatives for real ones, for example. These blinds take the form or appearance of an authentic wood blind but are made up of different materials. However, this does not mean that faux wood blinds are inferior. In this article, we will discuss why these blinds are really good alternatives because of both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Faux refers to an imitation or an artificial version of something. Wood blinds were invented in 1769 when an Englishman discovered that thin wooden slats can be customized to fit a frame and that these slats can be moved to allow light into a room. Faux wood blinds came much later, sometime in mid to late 20th century, when the demand for blinds increased and makers were looking for cheaper options as opposed to real wood blinds.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

PVC Folding Accordion Door for Laboratories: Muntinlupa Installation

Dividing a room using an accordion door has a lot of purpose. This can be to create more space, save space, and come up with a good room layout. One can achieve all these at the same time if the placement of the dividers is planned and executed properly. For today’s feature, we will be discussing folding accordion doors for laboratories installed for our Muntinlupa client.
Folding doors are most convenient because they can be folded and stacked against one another. Such are composed of a number of panels or sections which allow the fold and stack feature. At present, these doors are known for their elegant and minimalist design and style. They are also the best choice for large venue rooms which can still be divided for multi purposes. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Korean Blinds for Classrooms and Offices For a Chic Looking Rooms : Makati Project

According to Pacifica Companies, to have the ideal study area, a student’s room must have sufficient sunlight. The more natural light there is, the better, because this helps improve concentration and alerts the mind. Meanwhile, in New Day Office’s article, they cite a recent study in Cornell University saying that employees with access to natural light experience an 84% drop with headache and eye strain-related issues. These being established, we shall explore the benefits of Korean blinds for classrooms and offices through our recent Makati project. 


Korean blinds or combi blinds are most commonly known for being one of the most flexible blinds to use. It is convenient because it has alternating sheer and solid fabric which allows more light intake options and provides excellent privacy to room users. As we have illustrated before, these blinds can be used through their translucent parts, fully cover a room with their solid sheets or both by alternating such through the blinds’ pulling mechanism.