Thursday, August 10, 2017

Reducing TV Glare Using PVC Vertical Blinds: Pasig City Installation

In this day and age watching television consumes a large part of our lives. Most of us enjoy it as part of keeping up of the current events and/or as a relaxation when watching your favorite TV series.  However, the mirror-like screen can often cause glare and reflections that sometimes severely reduce the quality of the picture.  Even if your screen is a matte finish, light can still spread across the surface and can have a negative impact to your viewing experience. Some people are able to ignore the glare, but most people still find the glare too distracting and annoying to ignore. One of the biggest source of this glare is the natural light that passing through the windows.

Luckily, there are a few ways that you can do to block the annoying glare from TV and go back to enjoying your entertainment and feel comfortable. You can use anti-glare TV cover, installing window tint, avoiding direct sunlight, and etc., but using window coverings like PVC Vertical Blinds is one of the best and most practical way to avoid TV glare. Our featured client from Pasig City, is one of those people who really can’t ignore the annoying TV glare.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Small Windows are Perfect Fit for Inside Mounting Roll Up Blinds: Pasay City

Our featured client in this blog is from Pasay city that opted for sunscreen roll up blinds that's inside mounted the window frame. Small windows, such as narrow windows, also known as slim windows or skinny windows are great way to let natural light in without sacrificing the room’s privacy. It adds a modern touch to your interior and produce a unique look on the exterior of your home.

Small windows have lots of options for window treatment. Whether you need privacy, light blockage, or simple decoration, roll up blinds can be a perfect fit. Its straightforwardness makes it suitable for the narrow widths and long lengths.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Glass Paneled French Accordion for Home’s Indoor Doorway

Glass is a material that is widely used for windows, walls and doors. Glass used as doors are mostly considered for home’s indoor doorway. Doors inside your home will define your personality along with the rest of your interiors, so it should be presented in the best way possible. Modern indoor glass doors not only enhance privacy but also enhance interior design and decor of your home. Interior glass door, like french accordion door, is very elegant and gives a clean and sophisticated appearance with a wide range of designs to choose from.

French accordion door can be a combination of glass and solid part and has several customizable features that can surely meet your preferences. It can also be full glass or half glass / half solid part. With various PVC glass design that can be partnered to the solid parts, you can unleash your creativity and easily design your own door.