Friday, May 31, 2013

Swapping your Vertical Blinds from Room to Room in Ponte Verde Subdivision, Marikina, Philippines

Our client in Ponte Verde Subdivision, Marikina purchased Fabric Vertical Blinds from us, DS Windows & Walls Interior Supply, a month ago. After few weeks, she decided to buy new PVC Vertical Blinds. During installation of her second order PVC vertical blinds, she noticed that both Fabric and PVC Vertical Blinds has the same mechanism and she had an idea that she can swap the two blinds occasionally when she gets bored on the other one.
Fabric Vertical Blinds in Marikina, Philippines
If you have two different Vertical Blinds, whether it’s fabric to fabric, PVC to PVC or fabric to PVC, you can swap them whenever you want. You just have to make sure that they have the same size, width and height. Swapping vertical blinds are only applicable to those windows with same width and height. For you to switch your Vertical Blinds, you need to take down the entire vanes or the slats one by one to replace it by the other vanes. Removing each vane is simple, but you have to be careful since the vane clips are quite fragile.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Carpet for Stairs: Betterliving, Parañaque City, Philippines

Using carpet for your stairs can really make a difference in your home not only for your safety and providing you comfort, but also it can actually make your home more beautiful than before. Carpet can also protect your stairs from scratches because of daily use since wooden stair can easily be damaged.

Installation of Carpet on the Stair in Parañaque, Philippines

Our client in Betterliving, Parañaque City opted for carpet for her living area including her stairs. She just newly bought this house and she is fascinated with her wooden stair and she wanted to protect it and make it more stunning. In addition, she also wants to protect her 4 year old daughter from slipping when playing. With the numerous choices of colors and pattern for carpet, she favors the plain color of beige because she is still experimenting her new house with different style. She chose a safe color that can easily match with different kinds of home motif.

Broadloom / Wall-to-wall Carpet

In DS Windows and Walls Interior Supply, we offer two types of Carpet, one is Wall-to-Wall and the other is Carpet Tile. Both can be used for commercial and residential areas. Wall-to-wall / broadloom carpet are best for stairs and residential areas while carpet tile are more common in commercial areas.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Easy Cleaning Roller Blinds used in Room for Rents: E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, Philippines

Start of school classes is fast approaching. For room rental owners, it is the best time to renovate or have a major cleaning to attract students to rent your rooms. Major cleaning also includes replacing or cleaning your existing window cover. Below are some tips on how to renovate the room to improve its look:
  • Dusting every part and every corner of the room. It is not necessary to re-paint the wall if it still looks presentable. 
  • Wiping and soaping is the next thing to do. This is to enhance the color of the room and to remove the sticky dirt accumulated. 
  • Re-arranging furniture can also enhance the look of your room.  
  • Cleaning your window cover can also uplift the look of your room. Having an easy to clean window treatment is a wise choice, and one of the great easy to clean window treatment is Roller Blinds.

Roller Blinds do not need regular washing. Even though it is possible to wash, you can just wipe it with wet cloth to make it look clean in an easy way, unlike the old curtain. Roller Blinds or Roller Shades work same as curtains. It can reduce the sun from entering your home, but the good thing about it is that it does not look messy and it does not crumple.

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