Monday, September 26, 2022

Venetian blinds with 2-Tone or 3-Tone Colors: Pasay Project

One of the considerations clients look into today is how they can easily customize products. Sure, it is already very beneficial to acquire products that will serve desired functions but to align these products to one’s style and preferences is definitely an important bonus. This is why we feature 2-tone and 3-tone venetian blinds for our Pasay client today. 

It is no question that window blinds have the capability to alter and enhance a room both in functional and aesthetic aspects and so for this article, we shall venture into these advantages and also discuss colors and styles of the aforementioned. Venetian blinds or also commonly known miniblinds are composed of long and narrow horizontal panels brought together by a string which also serves as an important mechanism in adjusting such blinds. These are most useful for covering windows, no matter the size. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Sunscreen Roller Blinds for Schools and Universities

 As a venue for learning and growth, schools and universities are considered to be one of the busiest places, may it be for academic-related activities or administrative ones. The structure of buildings of these educational institutions vary from place to place but for today’s article, we shall be highlighting how sunscreen roller blinds provide privacy and security for faculty rooms, admin offices and activity areas.

Sunscreen blinds contain a single mesh fabric that provides the cover for a room’s interior. These are also sometimes referred to as sheer, transparent or mesh blinds. Such protect us from 95% of the sun’s harmful rays which are energy efficient in return. Because it is usually a single fabric with a top casing, it is relatively easy to install and is likewise appropriate for rooms with large windows or patio doors.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Multi-Colored PVC Vertical Blinds for a Colorful Home Design - Makati Project

Even during this period where more customers prefer minimal interior designs compared to bright, playful ones, our Makati client’s inclination to mix and match colors for their home still stands out. For today’s article, we shall be going over and commenting on multi-colored vertical PVC blinds and how it contributes to a colorful home design. 

PVC blinds are made from the commonly used plastic chemical called polyvinyl chloride. These are known to be durable and adaptive as they can withstand intense winds, rains and sunlight. All these without the worry of deteriorating quality and rust. Such blinds are also good insulators, therefore it can keep your home warmer during the sunny weather or cooler during rainy ones. It is also said to be more environmentally-friendly as it is more dominantly composed of chlorine which is extracted from salt or sodium chloride. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Folding Doors as Office Dividers and Space Saver - Pasay Installation

Offices are places for work and getting things done and therefore necessitates that such rooms be kept tidy and comfortable to work in. Some businesses either require or prefer that these offices consume less space or that more rooms are accommodated in small spaces. Our Pasay installation of folding doors for an office responded to this kind of need and served the workplace with a functional divider and space saver. 

Folding doors are also more commonly known as accordion doors or bifold doors. These highly convenient stackable doors have panels that can be folded from one side to another to allow access from two or more sides of a room. With this, the best use for folding doors is for creating multiple spaces within a room and divides such as to an owner’s preference. For busy workplaces like offices, these are more functional compared to regular swing doors because folding doors take up less space but at the same time divides working spaces effectively for employers and employees.