Tuesday, January 2, 2024

White French Type Folding Door for a more versatile divider design : Pasay Project

As living areas get smaller and city living becomes more common and in demand, making the most of limited places is becoming more and more crucial. Making the most of small spaces isn't the only objective; another is designing livable spaces that are pleasant and comfortable, practical, and even attractive. One way to ensure this is to make use of multi-functional home tools and appliances. This is where our French type folding door comes in. Our Pasay installation of the said product targets to serve as a functional and versatile divider to our client’s compact office space.

French type folding doors, at the simplest terms, is a combination of a French door and folding doors. Similar to French doors, these are composed of two or more panels that are linked together, but unlike French ones, each panel has the ability to fold back or be compiled on one side. This makes it possible for them to fully open, resulting in a large, clear opening.