Monday, May 29, 2023

Faux (PVC Type) Wood Blinds for Durable but Stylish Interior : San Juan Project

Whatever industry or wherever we are in life, the importance of having alternatives cannot be more pronounced. May it be a small daily decision or major life choices, having alternatives allow us to be resilient and quickly adapt to ever changing trends and environments. Take faux wood blinds as alternatives for real ones, for example. These blinds take the form or appearance of an authentic wood blind but are made up of different materials. However, this does not mean that faux wood blinds are inferior. In this article, we will discuss why these blinds are really good alternatives because of both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Faux refers to an imitation or an artificial version of something. Wood blinds were invented in 1769 when an Englishman discovered that thin wooden slats can be customized to fit a frame and that these slats can be moved to allow light into a room. Faux wood blinds came much later, sometime in mid to late 20th century, when the demand for blinds increased and makers were looking for cheaper options as opposed to real wood blinds.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

PVC Folding Accordion Door for Laboratories: Muntinlupa Installation

Dividing a room using an accordion door has a lot of purpose. This can be to create more space, save space, and come up with a good room layout. One can achieve all these at the same time if the placement of the dividers is planned and executed properly. For today’s feature, we will be discussing folding accordion doors for laboratories installed for our Muntinlupa client.
Folding doors are most convenient because they can be folded and stacked against one another. Such are composed of a number of panels or sections which allow the fold and stack feature. At present, these doors are known for their elegant and minimalist design and style. They are also the best choice for large venue rooms which can still be divided for multi purposes.