Thursday, March 31, 2016

How To Divide Living Room and Dining Area for Small Spaces

Most homes and condominium today have small spaces that’s why you just don’t always have the luxury of extra square footage to create separate distinct areas, so it’s important to be creative in dividing your place within the limited space available. The open space concept for the living room and dining areas is one of the most popular design layout for small home like for our client. However, most of us would still love to have privacy in some occasions and open space concept doesn’t grant that unless you add something that can temporarily provide division for your living room and dining area base on your preferences or occasion.

A lot of things can be used as temporary divider, but the smartest option is to use a PVC folding door with its easy maneuverability and great functions. PVC folding door is known as one of the best solution when it comes to enclosing small room or area that are important to save space like bathrooms, stockroom or any room with limited space.  It’s also a great choice as a temporary divider because it can be moved to the side if it’s not needed like what our client required in their living room.