Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Our Latest 2016 Residential Wallpaper Installations

One important aspect of interior designing is wall covering i.e. the vinyl wallpaper.  It has been with us since the 18th century predominantly in Europe when interior designing is still in its experimental stages.  In our current 21st century much has change in terms of design, materials, and manufacturing technique.  The digital age and other technological advancements made the wallpaper less expensive, more robust, and with more designs to choose from.

In this write-up we'll just present you some of our latest 2016 wallpaper designs and some of our recent wallpaper projects with satisfied customers.  We'll present you the installed one then an enlarge picture of the design.

The first one really liked the large flowery printed design that's more or less suited for girls. 

If you look closely on the enlarge photo of the design it's as if it was painted with water color art with pink and brown colors that makes it more fascinating and interesting. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Venetian vs Roller Blinds for Executive Offices

Executives are usually business persons with senior job roles and responsibilities in a business organization like the president, vice-presidents or senior managers. They are usually the ones that get those precious corner offices with nice outside views.  Executive offices are also the rooms where important business meetings and business transactions takes place that is why it is important that it is presentable and impressive in terms of interior design.

For this blog we'll be featuring the mini blinds and the roller blinds and their major differences along with some sample photos in case you're deciding which ones to get for your office or your boss' office.

Monochromatic office theme using mini blinds

As seen in the photos, mini blinds can cover even wide and big windows for executive offices. Some executives prefer non-distracting and very simple monochromatic colors to be able to maintain their focus and alertness. The good thing about these types of blinds is that it has a very wide array of colors compared to, say, roller blinds to match walls, furniture, and other objects' colors. The only downside is that when it is closed, you can't really see outside view unless you purchase the perforated mini blinds type.