Saturday, August 12, 2023

Venetian Blinds for Bay Windows : Makati Installation

Nowadays, we make things work by setting up mix and matches, may it be for our outfits, food, work setup and even for our interior and home decor. This method gives us a sense of style and freedom in expressing ourselves in colors, textures and different designs not just through a single element but with paired ones. Diving into the world of perfect pairings, our article today talks about the mix and match of venetian blinds and bay windows for our Makati client.

Like the many blinds we discussed before, venetian blinds are composed of strips of either wood, plastic or aluminum. These slats are horizontal in form and can be adjusted through a cord or a stick. The adjustments allow full coverage or less protection from sunlight. When adjusted, the horizontal panels overlap and provide the amount of protection a client prefers. We see venetian mostly anywhere, may it be residential spaces or commercial ones. These are preferred because of its functional and ornamental benefits.