Thursday, April 11, 2019

PVC Wood Blinds Durable and Water Resistant : Batangas Project

PVC wood blinds (as opposed to real wood blinds) is a look alike of the real thing.  But do not dismiss it immediately since some of its features are better than what it imitates. First of all, since it is made of durable plastic it is far better water-resistant than the real ones.

We all know that real wood rots when frequently exposed to moist and water.  This means that PVC wood blinds (also known as faux wood blinds) is better performing and more durable in places where there are faucets or water source like in the kitchen or even in bathrooms.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Loft Style Condo with Tall Windows Using Combi Blinds : Pasay Installation

If you own a loft type condo or apartment i.e. one with a large open space and commonly have tall windows, then one of the next thing you might be thinking of is what window covering are you going to put.  If you prefer roller blinds for your tall windows then visit Staircase Tall Window Styling instead.

One of our client from Pasay city chose combi blinds for her Loft type condominium with tall windows. As you can see, combi blinds can support tall windows. The reason for this is because unlike other window blinds such as wood blinds, this type of window covering is very light. As the blinds go taller, it can also become heavier and so it is important that you choose one that you can open and close with ease.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Cobblestone and Brick Style Wallpaper : Mandaluyong Installation

Our wallpaper client from Mandaluyong city is our next feature for this blog. He opted for a cobblestone brick style wallpaper for his condo.  Previously we have featured our new wallpaper designs that showcase different stone and brick style wallpapers.  This featured project was also derived from Emerald wallpaper more specifically the EM-2213 code.

A lot of customers enjoy stone or brick style wallpapers mostly because it radiates a warm appeal to a room. Cobblestones and bricks are typically used in cold climate countries to insulate houses from extreme cold.  For a tropical country this is not necessary since the weather is already hot, still these kind of designs has its appeal. Modern building and architecture most of the time uses plain concrete walls and so designs like these are generally more expressive and gives more character to a room.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Duo Window Shades - A Combination of Traditional And Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Are you in the process of choosing whether to go for modern design or traditional theme? Indecisive to choose either of your two favorite design? Why not do both? In fact, it’s really common nowadays to mix both traditional and modern in one room, it’s also known as transitional style. Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and modern furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics that can produce something chic, prevailing design that is both comfortable and timeless.

Although traditional and modern scheme may have some contrasting component's transition style hits the perfect balance between the two. As shown in the images of our featured client is a beautiful example of a kitchen that combines traditional and modern theme. It flawlessly unites different furniture that some fits for traditional while others belong to the modern era.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Reducing TV Glare Using PVC Vertical Blinds: Pasig City Installation

In this day and age watching television consumes a large part of our lives. Most of us enjoy it as part of keeping up of the current events and/or as a relaxation when watching your favorite TV series.  However, the mirror-like screen can often cause glare and reflections that sometimes severely reduce the quality of the picture.  Even if your screen is a matte finish, light can still spread across the surface and can have a negative impact to your viewing experience. Some people are able to ignore the glare, but most people still find the glare too distracting and annoying to ignore. One of the biggest source of this glare is the natural light that passing through the windows.

Luckily, there are a few ways that you can do to block the annoying glare from TV and go back to enjoying your entertainment and feel comfortable. You can use anti-glare TV cover, installing window tint, avoiding direct sunlight, and etc., but using window coverings like PVC Vertical Blinds is one of the best and most practical way to avoid TV glare. Our featured client from Pasig City, is one of those people who really can’t ignore the annoying TV glare.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Small Windows are Perfect Fit for Inside Mounting Roll Up Blinds: Pasay City

Our featured client in this blog is from Pasay city that opted for sunscreen roll up blinds that's inside mounted the window frame. Small windows, such as narrow windows, also known as slim windows or skinny windows are great way to let natural light in without sacrificing the room’s privacy. It adds a modern touch to your interior and produce a unique look on the exterior of your home.

Small windows have lots of options for window treatment. Whether you need privacy, light blockage, or simple decoration, roll up blinds can be a perfect fit. Its straightforwardness makes it suitable for the narrow widths and long lengths.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Glass Paneled French Accordion for Home’s Indoor Doorway

Glass is a material that is widely used for windows, walls and doors. Glass used as doors are mostly considered for home’s indoor doorway. Doors inside your home will define your personality along with the rest of your interiors, so it should be presented in the best way possible. Modern indoor glass doors not only enhance privacy but also enhance interior design and decor of your home. Interior glass door, like french accordion door, is very elegant and gives a clean and sophisticated appearance with a wide range of designs to choose from.

French accordion door can be a combination of glass and solid part and has several customizable features that can surely meet your preferences. It can also be full glass or half glass / half solid part. With various PVC glass design that can be partnered to the solid parts, you can unleash your creativity and easily design your own door.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pleated Combi Shades Wine Color - Lucena City Project

One of our client is blessed to have a vacation house in Lucena city, Quezon province.  A small vacation property to accommodate their family's holiday vacations and to be away from the busy life of urban living in Metro Manila.  They use to prefer curtains as window cover however they realized later on that whenever they arrive at their vacation house dust already accumulated in their curtains.

To avoid this maintenance issues, they purchased pleated combi shades with wine color since blinds and shades in general are easier to clean and maintain.  Compared to curtains, blinds and shades have a smaller surface area where dust and insects can stick.  It is also generally easier to clean by just using small vacuum cleaner or wet damp cloth.

Curtains and draperies require diligent maintenance, ideally should be replaced and put to laundry after a week or two due to settling of dust.  Mosquitoes and other insects sometimes also lurks on it.  So for houses that are always empty like when residents are frequently away, curtains are not actually advisable unless you have a full-time care taker of the house.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Our Latest 2016 Residential Wallpaper Installations

One important aspect of interior designing is wall covering i.e. the vinyl wallpaper.  It has been with us since the 18th century predominantly in Europe when interior designing is still in its experimental stages.  In our current 21st century much has change in terms of design, materials, and manufacturing technique.  The digital age and other technological advancements made the wallpaper less expensive, more robust, and with more designs to choose from.

In this write-up we'll just present you some of our latest 2016 wallpaper designs and some of our recent wallpaper projects with satisfied customers.  We'll present you the installed one then an enlarge picture of the design.

The first one really liked the large flowery printed design that's more or less suited for girls. 

If you look closely on the enlarge photo of the design it's as if it was painted with water color art with pink and brown colors that makes it more fascinating and interesting. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Venetian vs Roller Blinds for Executive Offices

Executives are usually business persons with senior job roles and responsibilities in a business organization like the president, vice-presidents or senior managers. They are usually the ones that get those precious corner offices with nice outside views.  Executive offices are also the rooms where important business meetings and business transactions takes place that is why it is important that it is presentable and impressive in terms of interior design.

For this blog we'll be featuring the mini blinds and the roller blinds and their major differences along with some sample photos in case you're deciding which ones to get for your office or your boss' office.

Monochromatic office theme using mini blinds

As seen in the photos, mini blinds can cover even wide and big windows for executive offices. Some executives prefer non-distracting and very simple monochromatic colors to be able to maintain their focus and alertness. The good thing about these types of blinds is that it has a very wide array of colors compared to, say, roller blinds to match walls, furniture, and other objects' colors. The only downside is that when it is closed, you can't really see outside view unless you purchase the perforated mini blinds type.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

How To Divide Living Room and Dining Area for Small Spaces

Most homes and condominium today have small spaces that’s why you just don’t always have the luxury of extra square footage to create separate distinct areas, so it’s important to be creative in dividing your place within the limited space available. The open space concept for the living room and dining areas is one of the most popular design layout for small home like for our client. However, most of us would still love to have privacy in some occasions and open space concept doesn’t grant that unless you add something that can temporarily provide division for your living room and dining area base on your preferences or occasion.

A lot of things can be used as temporary divider, but the smartest option is to use a PVC folding door with its easy maneuverability and great functions. PVC folding door is known as one of the best solution when it comes to enclosing small room or area that are important to save space like bathrooms, stockroom or any room with limited space.  It’s also a great choice as a temporary divider because it can be moved to the side if it’s not needed like what our client required in their living room.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Band Shade Series Combi Blinds Installation at Tanauan Batangas

Combi blinds also known as Zebra blinds or Dual shades are the most versatile roll up shades today. It has the most extensive selection in color, texture and unique fabric design. One of the most creative and unique combi blinds that are really different to the regular ones is the Band Shade Series.  Manufacturing brand new series such as the Band Shades Combi blinds also known as Curves Series are equally welcome by our customers like our client in Tanauan Batangas who choose to install it in her brand new house.

Band shade combi blinds installed at Tanauan Batangas

Like the regular combi blinds Band Shade Series is also made up of one hundred percent polyester and composed of sheer and solid part fabric yet the arrangement and movement is different. The standard Combi blinds are composed of two layers of fabric with the alternation of sheer and solid part that work together to control the intensity of sunlight entering the room. While in Band Shade Series: Curve the sheer fabric is located at the back of the solid part and only the top edge of the solid fabric is attached on translucent fabric.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

PVC Vertical Blinds for One Bedroom Loft Type Apartment - Calamba Laguna, Philippines

When a renter is choosing an apartment, it’s sometimes helpful to know what kind of apartment you’re going to live in and the most beneficial for yourself. Because there’s a lot of different kind of apartment like studio type, duplex apartment, penthouse and loft type. All of them have different pros and cons like for one of our clients in Calamba, Laguna she finds that loft type apartment is the most suitable place for her to live in.
PVC Vertical Blinds for One Bedroom Loft Apartment - Calamba Laguna, Philippines
PVC Vertical Blinds for One Bedroom Loft Apartment - Calamba Laguna, Philippines
However, what does loft apartment really means? How can you define if an apartment is a loft type? They say that a loft type apartment started in the US and used to be described as a former or abandoned commercial building that have been converted into an open space residential area and normally without interior walls.  Loft type apartment also characterized by high ceiling and with an additional upper open space floor inside and with lots of windows. Nevertheless loft type apartment has a distinct appeal to certain buyers and renters like our client.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Combining Sunscreen and Blackout Roller Blinds for Boys Room - Taytay Rizal

A lot of people are fascinated when it comes to the two unique fabric types of Roller Blinds the Sunscreen and Blackout fabric. Sunscreen Roller Blinds are a light filtering fabric. It allows an optimum level of filtered light and control heat while offering enough privacy without blocking your view. On the other hand, Blackout Roller Blinds are specifically designed to completely stop all outside light and heat from entering into a room. 
Sunscreen Roller Blinds for Bedroom - Greenwood, Taytay Rizal
Sunscreen Roller Blinds for Bedroom - Greenwood, Taytay Rizal
Both sunscreen and blackout fabric is the reason why Roller Blinds are the most preferable choice of many. Whether it’s for commercial or residential Roller Blinds is an ideal and favorite choice. Because of the popularity of Roller Blinds an additional new type of mechanism was invented that can combine sunscreen and blackout into one panel i.e. the Double or Dual Mechanism Roller Blinds to enjoy the both best quality of each fabric type.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Plain Design Vinyl Wallpaper As Staircase Accent Wall - Merville, Parañaque City

Accent walls are great way to liven up and add color to your home space.  You can experiment a smaller amount of brighter and bolder hues on one of your wall.  Whether you like to outline a living space or a treasured piece of artwork an accent wall can create a striking and unique scheme element. Bold and colorful tones are a good example to use for accent walls since they can emphasize a space without overpowering the entire interior design producing a uniquely stunning place.
 Vinyl Wallpaper for Staircase Wall - Merville, Parañaque City
Vinyl Wallpaper for Staircase Wall - Merville, Parañaque City
If you’re not confident in using a dramatic color in your room's wall you can play it safe and still make a bold statement by using wallpaper like our client in Merville, Parañaque City made in their stair wall. Using a basic and plain color with printed design with warm hues can still play tricks with everyone's perception. Our client uses yellow-orange wallpaper with small print and this is one of warm colors that bound to pull your eyes toward the wall. With the other wall painted with plain white paint, create a gentle contrast between the walls and adding emphasis to your accent wall.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Playing with Colors Using Aluminum Mini Venetian Blinds - Pio Del Pilar, Makati City

Have you ever wondered why almost all early childhood programs teach children about the different types of color? Why they don’t start with letters or numbers where it’s more beneficial in a long run? There are many things that are important to a child’s development and visual learning is a vital aspect from colors to everything. Colors are very noticeable and have great influence to a child’s minds that’s just starting to discover the world around us. When a child looks outside the window, they might not command it, but their mind is noticing and identifying the green trees and blue sky by itself. That’s why it’s important to offer children as much as many opportunities possible to learn the environment around them and our client in Pio Del Pilar, Makati City understand these needs. 

Playing with Colors Using Aluminum Mini Venetian Blinds - Pio Del Pilar, Makati City
Playing with Colors Using Aluminum Mini Venetian Blinds - Pio Del Pilar, Makati City

Our client is one of the teachers in preschool who understands how important in the eyes of the children, the surroundings should look like. As a preschool where children play, socialize and learn the different types of colors, shapes, letters and numbers is mandatory to offer a fun and safe surroundings.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Combi Blinds Installed in a Hotel Twin Bedroom - Pasay Metro Manila

Combi blinds is a trending type of window blinds and shade often seen in modern homes. Nowadays, it can also be seen in all types of hotel rooms as well such as this client of ours of a twin bedroom hotel in Pasay Metro Manila.  As we all know different type of rooms are offered in hotels nowadays and since it’s summer season it's also the peak season for hotels.  More tourists go in the tropical countries like here in the Philippines and even we Filipino goes on vacation to spend our summer outdoors in different places which also means most hotels are fully booked during this season.
Combi Blinds for a Classic Twin Bedroom - Kalayaan Village,  Pasay City
Combi Blinds for a Classic Twin Bedroom - Kalayaan Village,  Pasay City

Like our client in Pasay, they tend to prepare and get organize more at this time of the year and redesigning is always part of the preparation.  As part of the redesigning, our client wanted to change their window covering for their twin bedrooms from curtains to something new and modern. They wanted a window covering with full shade of brown that will look cozy and relaxing that's why we suggested Combi blinds since it is more trendy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wooden Blinds for Modern Kitchen Design - Lucban Quezon, Philippines

A clean, beautiful and modern design is the ideal kitchen that everyone wishes to have. A kitchen with enough space to move freely, fully furnished and with the best equipment available is a big bonus.  Having an organize and smart-looking storage cabinets and bin can also make a kitchen neat and easy to maintain.  It can inspire any cook with a kitchen this fancy.

Wooden Blinds for White Modern Kitchen Design - Lucban Quezon, Philippines
Wooden Blinds for White Modern Kitchen Design - Lucban Quezon, Philippines

To achieve your dream kitchen, one that's functional and beautiful requires a lot of effort, budgeting and tons of design creativity.  In fact kitchen is one of the most difficult and expensive to design because it requires lots of appliances such as refrigerators, cooker, microwave oven and many more. With lots of appliances you need to fit in your kitchen you need to think about how you properly arrange it to your advantage and deliver a well organize look. Appearance is also important since no one would like to spend time in a messy kitchen especially with one that has a boring look.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PVC Accordion Door as Space Saving Indoor Divider - Pasig City, Manila Installation

PVC accordion doors has several designs depending on the type.  For instance in the French accordion type customers can choose to have a glass or embossed panels.  Likewise in the deluxe type, that our featured client from Pasig City chose to install, have several colors to choose from.  It’s also the most affordable door on the market today and when it comes to maintenance it also easy to maintain its shininess with a simple wiping action with wet or dry cloth.
PVC Accordion Door as Space Saving Door - Pasig City, Metro Manila
PVC Accordion Door as Space Saving Door - Pasig City, Metro Manila

A limited space sometimes restricts our design options for our rooms.  That’s why creativity and adaptability is welcome when designing your dream room in terms of saving space. Think outside the box or more accurately make some changes like ignore using a traditional swinging door and use the PVC accordion door, popularly known as a space saving door that gives you a new and fashionable look as well.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Get Your Bedroom Ready for the Summer Heat with PVC Vertical Blinds - Mandaluyong City Metro Manila

Summer is one of the best time of year that we all look forward to, it’s the perfect time to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. But you can simply bring summer inside your home particularly to your own bedroom to keep the summer mood every time you wake up. And the best way to achieve the summer feel to your room is to strive for a feeling of bright airiness. One of the best ways to welcome the summer season is having a huge window that can create a connection from indoors to the outdoors and maximize the sunlight and greenery of the surrounding.

Getting Ready for the Summer Heat with PVC Vertical Blinds - Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
 Getting Ready for the Summer Heat with PVC Vertical Blinds - Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
One of the important factors when choosing how best to form this design is to think about the size of the room that is being decorated. The space of the room can help you determine what kind of furniture and how many you can put inside your bedroom because the space of your room has a great influence in defining the outcome of your interior design.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Roller Shades Installed in A Modern Minimalist Condo Bedroom - Bonifacio Highstreet, Philippines

Minimalist theme is one of the most important design develop in 20th and early 21st century, even though it’s not the flashiest or the most popular design created, but it possibly infiltrated more fields than almost any other art or design trend. Some might not realize, but chances are you’re currently sitting in a simple living space on a sleek sofa using a minimalist design. It can be used in different room yet you might not notice it at first because it’s more of a basic than a visual style. It’s a design stripped down to only its essential elements that focus on simplicity.
Roller Shades for a Modern Minimalist Condo Bedroom - Taguig City Philippines
Roller Shades for a Modern Minimalist Condo Bedroom with Large Window - Taguig City Philippines

Like our client who owned a condo unit in Bonifacio Highstreet used modern minimalist design in one of her bedroom. She wanted a peaceful, simple yet modernistic design that minimalist can offer. When it comes to minimalist design it has a basic principle that the “Less is More” that use only the necessary things and use only the colors minimally that act together with each other and form the atmosphere that you wanted.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dual Shade Blinds Installed in A Long Table Boardroom - Makati Central Business Center, Philippines

Let’s start with the good things. Now that Chinese New Year is just few days ago a lot of people try to follow what are the lucky things to buy, do or wear to bring good luck for this year 2015. Remodeling your house or workplace base on what can bring good fortune to your family is one of the Filipino and Chinese people follows every year like a tradition. And, our client in Makati Central Business Center is also dedicated to follow what design that can bring prosperity and success to his company.
Dual Shade Blinds for a Long Table Boardroom - Makati City, Philippines
Dual Shade Blinds for a Long Table Boardroom - Makati City, Philippines

This time 2015 is the year of Wood Sheep. Feng Shui experts say that color is a kind of energy, so, accordingly for this year color that has a connection with wood element will bring you luck and success. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Fabric Vertical Blinds Installed in A Peaceful Rest House - Los Baños, Laguna Philippines

A peaceful rest house is a place where you can relax, unwind, and clear your mind.  But creating such atmosphere can be sometimes be tricky.  You need to choose a correct combination of color, furniture and other architectural ideas that will definitely make an inviting feeling for everyone to sink in and relax. Natural light streaming through your window can be great, but if the light is too glaring it can be a big inconvenience. Adding a window treatment such as cotton or translucent shades can be a great help to modify the light without blocking it completely.
Fabric Vertical Blinds For A Peaceful Rest House Outside the Big Busy City - Los Baños, Laguna
Fabric Vertical Blinds For A Peaceful Rest House - Los Baños, Laguna

Our client from Los Baños, Laguna opted for fabric vertical blinds for their rest house. They opted for this because it can lessen the glare, but at the same time allows some natural light to pass through their window. Fabric vertical blinds are made up of vertical slats made of fabric; each vertical slat can be flipped so that they can still enjoy the great view their surroundings filled with plants and trees that can also bring a relaxing feeling.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wooden Blinds For Your Master's Bedroom Makeover - Malanday, Marikina Metro Manila

The New Year is getting nearer; it is also the prime time for home makeovers. And the best place to start home makeover is the bedroom, because most people spend their time in the bedroom. Our bedroom serves as our sanctuary; it is also the place where we recharge our energies and even our emotions that can affect our mood. You can transform your bedroom in a place where you can’t wait to come home and wished that you don’t want to leave. Here are some simple tips to make your bedroom a good looking one.
Wooden Blinds For Master's Bedroom Makeover - Malanday, Marikina City
Wooden Venetian Blinds For Master's Bedroom Makeover - Malanday, Marikina City
First, we need to get rid the unnecessary things that can make you feel uncomfortable and can make your place looks messy. You can also consider a new duvet cover or comforter, it can help to create a new look for your bedroom. Moving also your furniture can also add new and unfamiliar looks. Others are not contented in just a plain painted wall but if you want to incorporate a new design for your room you can use wallpaper, although others find patterned wallpaper overwhelming in that case you can just use it as a headboard to create a unique accent.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Patterned Wallpaper As Accent Wall For Loft Room - Las Pinas Metro Manila

Thinking of creating a different effect in your room? There’s a lot of alternative ways to make a unique look for your place and one of the easiest way out is to add some interest and dramatic feature of your room like wall accent with rich and powerful color and design. Accent wall also known as featured wall which emphasize special design to attract attention from the nearby wall. It may have a different shade of color compared to other or have a unique design in terms of the color and pattern. Accent wall can be painted, wallpaper or a completely different kind of wall like bricks, marble or etc.

Patterned Wallpaper As Accent Wall For Loft Room - Pilar Village, Las Piñas
Patterned Wallpaper As Accent Wall For Loft Room - Pilar Village, Las Piñas

Our client in Pilar Village, Las Piñas choose to use patterned wallpaper as her feature wall in her room. She use damask pattern wallpaper with dramatic look to enhance the beauty of her room. Damask wallpaper means luxury and sophisticated style and it brings timeless beauty to walls, with rich history as a cultured and fashionable design. Damask pattern is welcome in any home décor from luxurious to modern design type. It can use be used to decorate a whole room or to create a stunning accent wall like what our client make.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sunscreen Roller Shades Installed in Gorgeous Staircase Window - General Trias Cavite Philippines

The one window in the house that's usually the biggest and very interesting to decorate is a staircase window.  Staircase is a set of stairs usually surrounded by walls and other structures. It doesn't just connect the two floors, but it also helps to define your style and sense of fashion. It can turn your entryway from ordinary into luxurious look. Having a staircase in your house shows how well off your lifestyle is. Aside from the huge and grand stairs, most staircase are consisted of oversize windows. To turn your staircase into the elegant grand entrance you can add any types of window treatment for your wide windows.
Sunscreen Roller Shades  Installed in Gorgeous Staircase Window - Gen. Trias, Cavite
Sunscreen Roller Shades  Installed in Gorgeous Staircase Window - Gen. Trias, Cavite
These pictures presented here is one of the sample projects of DS Windows and Walls of gorgeous staircase combined with sunscreen roller shades for their wide windows. Our client from Gen. Trias Cavite opted sunscreen roller shades as a window treatment for their staircase window.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Deluxe Folding Door As Hallway Space Divider - Hillcrest Subdivision, Malvar Batangas Philippines

Hallway is a passageway or the space inside the front door through which the rooms are reached. If you want to convert your hallway into a something useful space, or you want to block some unwanted view and if you need some privacy in a certain area or room, especially if you have a very minimal space a PVC folding door works best in your place. PVC folding door is an inexpensive and a fast way to block your hallway. It is also one of the trendiest ways of dividing the space in your place. It can also allow you to access to the other side easily. The picture below was deluxe folding door installed in the hallway in Hillcrest Subdivision, Malvar Batangas.

Deluxe Folding Door As Hallway Space Divider - Hillcrest Subdivision, Malvar Batangas
Deluxe PVC Folding Door As Hallway Space Divider - Hillcrest Subdivision, Malvar Batangas

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Combi Blinds: The Advantages of Splitting One Large Window Into Smaller Panels - Bel-air, Makati City Philippines

If you have a large window set in your room overlooking a good looking scenery and you wanted to place a window blind in your room, one question you would be asking to us blinds specialist is would you like to install one large panel or multiple smaller panels.

There are advantages and disadvantages of putting one large panel vs. splitting it into smaller panels especially for combi blinds.

Multiple Sets of Combi Blinds in One Large Window - Makati, Philippines
Multiple Sets of Combi Blinds in One Large Window - Makati, Philippines

The advantages of putting one large combi blinds panel are:
  1. There are no gaps between blinds.  This means no light will penetrate the gap that to some customers are important especially those who wakes up late in the morning.  This is one of the most important reason why you would want to put one large blinds panel in a big window.
  2. In a horizontally oriented blinds such as combi blinds, putting one large panel creates a widening illusion that makes a room, well, a bit wider than when you split it into multiple panels.  The effect is enhanced due to a continuous unbroken horizontal panels of the blind.
The disadvantage of a one large combi blinds panel are:
  1. It's a lot heavier to pull-up and control.
  2. If for some reason (e.g. kids misusing) the combi blinds breaks or had a problem (e.g. in its mechanism), the whole blinds will need to be repaired leaving your whole window exposed.
  3. There is a maximum width a combi blinds can be customized.  Usually it's 2.4m or 2.8m wide depending on the fabric.  Also, some fabrics are prone to warping and bending so DS Windows & Walls blinds specialist will advise you if the fabric is prone to warping and not advisable for a wide window panel.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Combination Blinds For Narrow Condo Unit For A More Spacious Feeling - Plainview, Mandaluyong

Most condominium or apartments for lease or for sale nowadays have narrow rooms.  I think mostly because condominium developers maximizes profitability by offering more units per floor thus making offered units narrower.  However, because of its limited space beautifying it is always a challenge. Here are some tips and tricks that will help your small or narrow place looks more spacious and wide.

Combination Blinds For Narrow Condo Unit - Mandaluyong
Combination Blinds For Narrow Condo Unit - Mandaluyong

Choosing lighter color for your room usually makes your unit or room look bigger and brighter.  Lighter shades of colors are more reflective that can make your space feel open and brighter. Lightning or allowing natural light to enter freely in your room can also increase the wideness look of your unit.
Combi Blinds Installed in Condo Unit - Plainview, Madaluyong
Combi Blinds Installed in Condo Unit - Plainview, Madaluyong

One of our client from Plainview, Mandaluyong City owned a studio type unit and they decided to decorate it with something they feel will make their place a bit more spacious. For this, they chose combi blinds for their window.  If you want your room or unit to look like that its ceiling is high we usually offer vertical blinds.  Due to its vertical slats this creates an illussion of high ceiling.  In the same way, we offer combi blinds for narrow units or apartments since it has horizontal stripes that can make their window look wider.  Having a wider window can also make their place looks bigger.

Combination Blinds Installed in Plainview Mandaluyong
Combination Blinds Installed in Plainview Mandaluyong

Another good thing about Combi blind is its horizontal stripes can be adjusted whether you want more natural light to enter inside or you want privacy. They also selected N121 Linen white to match with their wall, ceiling and furniture. Using lighter color like white makes their place brighter and cleaner.

DS Windows and Walls offers different color, types and designs of combi blinds. For more information about our products visit our store located at 4th level Waltermart Makati, 3rd level Robinson Metro East Pasig City and 2nd level Pacific Mall Lucena City. You may also contact us at (02) 403-3262, (02) 668-9668, (02)893-1373 and 0916-311-3909.