Thursday, April 11, 2019

PVC Wood Blinds Durable and Water Resistant : Batangas Project

PVC wood blinds (as opposed to real wood blinds) is a look alike of the real thing.  But do not dismiss it immediately since some of its features are better than what it imitates. First of all, since it is made of durable plastic it is far better water-resistant than the real ones.

We all know that real wood rots when frequently exposed to moist and water.  This means that PVC wood blinds (also known as faux wood blinds) is better performing and more durable in places where there are faucets or water source like in the kitchen or even in bathrooms.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Loft Style Condo with Tall Windows Using Combi Blinds : Pasay Installation

If you own a loft type condo or apartment i.e. one with a large open space and commonly have tall windows, then one of the next thing you might be thinking of is what window covering are you going to put.  If you prefer roller blinds for your tall windows then visit Staircase Tall Window Styling instead.

One of our client from Pasay city chose combi blinds for her Loft type condominium with tall windows. As you can see, combi blinds can support tall windows. The reason for this is because unlike other window blinds such as wood blinds, this type of window covering is very light. As the blinds go taller, it can also become heavier and so it is important that you choose one that you can open and close with ease.