Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Roller Blinds Block Out ̶ Ideal for Summer at Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Summer is said to be the hottest season in the Philippines. Most of us travel to some beautiful places to spend summer vacation in an extraordinary way. On the other hand, some preferred just to stay at home and spend time with their family in a simple way. Though we stayed at home, we may still be distracted by irritated sunlight coming from our windows and other open areas. 

What do you think is missing?
Window covering is missing in the picture. Window covering is necessary to protect us and our furniture from direct UV radiation. The concept of block out roller blinds is that they are something that can create a stunning effect for your home décor and yet functional. Roller blinds can help you stay comfortable while relaxing without costing much money. 

Block out blinds is ideal for children, shift workers, or people having problem to sleep in summer days. The only way that we can completely block out the sun is by using block out roller blinds. The R8213 beige opted by our client in Mandaluyong City is made up of blackout material which can block UV rays 100%.
Roller Blinds are available in Manual and Motorized system.  Call us at (02) 403 3262 / (02) 893 1373 / 0916 311 3909 or email us at

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