Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PVC Accordion Door for Narrow Doors: Installation at Antipolo City, Philippines

Photos are installation from one of our clients at Antipolo City, Philippines who chose PVC accordion door, Deluxe type, Pine color.
Installation of PVC Accordion Door at Antipolo City, Philippines

Deluxe Type of Accordion Door, Pine color

 Are you tired of planning how to utilize every single space of your room?

Are you looking for the best trick on what to install on your narrow doors?

To make it more creative and more welcoming, we offer you space-saving door with great features. Accordion door also known as folding door are offered in a variety of designs, colors and sizes whether it is for the large space that you would like to subdivide, your patio, your play area or even your garage. Selecting colors and designs which can create and complement with the overall interior design of the house will depends on the owner’s personal preference.

Because of its space-saving features, it is best suited for your narrow doors. It folds smoothly and lay flat to opposite side of the opening, leaving an unobstructed space when opened. Space used by traditional hinged door can be utilized using accordion door, making it easier for you to arrange home furniture to every corner and creatively utilized every single space of the room.

We offer PVC material for accordion door. It is durable enough for high traffic areas, scratch and termite resistant and easy to clean due to its smooth surface.

Free site visit if within Metro Manila.

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