Sunday, December 2, 2012

Folding Door and its Inimitable Purposes: Malinta, Valenzuela, Philippines

Philippines consist of many small islands with a large population. More families are experiencing difficulty due to unemployment, less budget for education, fluctuating prices of goods, greedy political leaders, and many more. Increasing number of families is transferring from rural to urban areas to find luck and due to higher income. For a safer place to live in an urban area, many people are choosing condominium as habitat. Condominium is a huge and tall building consisting of different rooms with different families. In the Philippines, buying a condominium unit is much more inexpensive and practical.

However, usual size of one condominium unit can only accommodate one family with a minimum space. One way to save some space is using folding door / accordion door rather than the normal hinged door. Normal hinged door takes up a lot of space when opening and closing because it is a swing- type door, unlike folding door that can be folded into itself that make it simpler and does not need much space.

Folding Door Installation in Malinta, Valenzuela, Philippines

One of our clients in Malinta, Valenzuela opted for white ash color of folding door for their bedroom.  As you can see in above picture, the space for her door is narrow. Using folding door, they can put stuff in that small space without blocking their way while making their room look organize and stylish. DS Windows & Walls’ offers different types of Folding Door. There are Regular, Deluxe, Deluxe Special and French Folding Door. We also offer different window treatments that will suit for your windows and make your home look modern and stylish.

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