Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Roller Blinds for Manly Window Treatment: Installation in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

The difference between a male and a female is always distinguishable. The way in which they decorate a room is also different. They have almost this opposite characteristic and way of thinking.

Female are more organized when it comes to decorating a room. In the bedroom, female prefer lighter color and softer ambiance like pink, purple or peach and to make it fabulous, they put more decoration and design to make it striking and standout. However, putting various decorations in a room may sometimes lead to a messy look that is why female spend more time decorating a room than male.

Roller Blinds Installation in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

As opposite, male’s room are often simple and with less decoration. They prefer simple and darker color to show some manly appearance or a lighter color combined with dark rock or any dark color to add some masculine effect with a gentler atmosphere. For male window covering in the bedroom is good to put simple Roller Blinds with a neutral color or just one color. Roller blinds are simple, but with the right touch and style, it can transform a room into modern and unique room. One of our clients in Cainta, Rizal opted for Roller Blinds for his bedroom.  Its simple yet chic appearance creates a manly environment.  

T3002 Beige Roller Blinds

Roller blinds consist of various designs, materials and hues that will perfectly fit to any room, either male or female room. In DS Windows & Walls, we offer different types of blinds like Mini Blinds, Combi Blinds, Horizontal Blinds, Venetian Blinds and many more. 

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