Monday, April 29, 2013

Find Out the Different Style of Combi Blinds: Boracay, Philippines

One of the reasons why people preferred curtains than blinds for their window cover is that curtains are much more colorful and has different styles compared to the blinds. Some find blinds too boring because of the simplicity of its design. On the other hand, the newest internal shading system is being developed to provide you designs that you will love the most and it is Combi Blinds. Combi Blinds are very fashionable, affordable, durable and one of the sellable blinds in blinds industry today.

Chic & Affordable Combi Blinds

Combi Blinds is made of 100 % polyester fabric, which is washable and very durable. It also has a lot of color choices and style. Combi Blinds consists of a solid part and a sheer part with two layers. It is consists of plain and printed designs and with myriad of colors to choose from.  There are also Pleated and Vanity Combi Blinds, same as the normal Combi Blind, but these two have additional style. Vanity Combi Blinds has a beautiful and slightly shiny floral printed on it, while Pleated Combi Blinds has a straight-line design that gives an effect of continuous horizontal line like venetian blinds when it is open.

Combi Blinds Vanity with Printed Slightly Shinny Floral Design

Our client who lived in Boracay Island, Philippines opted for Combi Blinds for her new house. She opted for Combi Blinds Vanity and Combi Blinds Pleated to make her house look more interesting and modern. She ordered through our online web store, the newest online web store for window blinds in the Philippines. We deliver custom-made window blinds all over the Philippines in a very affordable price. 

Combi Blinds Pleated with Contentious Horizontal Design

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