Saturday, July 13, 2013

What Makes Roller Blinds so Popular in Both Residential and Commercial Area – Makati, Philippines

Roller Blinds have two types, Blackout and Sunscreen Roller Blinds, which made of fabric polyester and PVC. Roller Blinds have two kinds of movement, to roll up and down unlike venetian and vertical blinds that made of slats so you can control the amount of light to enter in the room by moving the slats to the right or left side. Compared to the other types of blinds, Roller Blinds has the simplest mechanism, but against all odds it is still one of the most common blinds you will see both in commercial and residential places. 

One of our clients in Makati has a residential place and opted for Blackout Roller Blinds for one of the new renovated bedrooms. They chose blackout roller blinds because privacy is their main point for installing blinds in their windows. They also preferred roller blinds not only because it is cheaper, but because of the simplicity itself make the room feel more comfortable while having a stylish and modern window look. 

Roller Blinds also have the advantage that it has a lesser function for all ages to understand it easily so that they can use it properly. It's also not true that you cannot control freely and properly the amount of light that will enter your room because you can still control it by limiting how much high you will open the blinds to increase and lessen the light that can enter your window. 

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