Friday, October 25, 2013

The Good Match Up of a Strong and a Light Color – PVC Vertical Blinds Installed in Forbes Park, Makati, Philippines

In designing our home, even the smallest detail is important to create the best outcome our home can be. Our floor, furniture and wall can be the most noticeable, so in preparing this, we intend to choose the best, but we also must not forget that we also need to make everything match or still connected to avoid a confusing and messy look. We can use different motif in different room, but it’s not advisable to combine several theme in just one room.

One of our clients in Forbes Park, Makati just move in her new build house and in still in the process of designing her house. For her living room, she selected a strong color for her wall which is maroon. She really intended to select something unusual and unique because she is tired in using plain wall color like white, beige or any soft color for her living room. The only problem is that it’s quite difficult to find the right color that will go with maroon so for her living room window cover, she goes with something plain which is PVC Vertical Blinds: Richmond Vanilla which she also used in her bedroom. PVC Vertical Blinds with a lighter shade help make the wall look more powerful and livelier.

White or lighter wall cover is a mostly needed in home when you wanted to make your center peace more attractive and eye catching like your furniture, a chandelier or a painting. It’s up to you how to create something unique in your home. For our client, she used the powerful color of the wall as dominant attraction of her living room and with the help of light color PVC Vertical Blinds to complement with it.

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