Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PVC Accordion Door as Space Saving Indoor Divider - Pasig City, Manila Installation

PVC accordion doors has several designs depending on the type.  For instance in the French accordion type customers can choose to have a glass or embossed panels.  Likewise in the deluxe type, that our featured client from Pasig City chose to install, have several colors to choose from.  It’s also the most affordable door on the market today and when it comes to maintenance it also easy to maintain its shininess with a simple wiping action with wet or dry cloth.
PVC Accordion Door as Space Saving Door - Pasig City, Metro Manila
PVC Accordion Door as Space Saving Door - Pasig City, Metro Manila

A limited space sometimes restricts our design options for our rooms.  That’s why creativity and adaptability is welcome when designing your dream room in terms of saving space. Think outside the box or more accurately make some changes like ignore using a traditional swinging door and use the PVC accordion door, popularly known as a space saving door that gives you a new and fashionable look as well.
Accordion Door as Standard Inside Door - Pasig Installation
Accordion Door as Standard Inside Door - Pasig Installation

Our client chooses to install PVC Accordion Door in their home as substitute to ordinary swinging door to save space. PVC Accordion Door is a collection of vertical panels connected together by the slide tracks and then hung by rollers that can fold one against another to open up a space and a perfect alternative for swinging door. PVC Accordion Door offers wonderful flexibility in design and are remarkably easy to operate. Unlike the normal type door, accordion doors provide the flexibility to be fully opened, partially opened or totally closed giving you various choices.
 PVC Accordion Door installed at Pasig City, Metro Manila

When ordering your PVC accordion door from DS Windows & Walls one thing to note is that we require that the door head jamb where the door will be installed and mounted is already prepared. We only provide the installation and supply of the PVC accordion door according to the size of the door frame/jambs.  Also it is a good idea to choose the color of the accordion door that will complement the color of the door frame/jamb.

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