Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Combi Blinds Installed in a Hotel Twin Bedroom - Pasay Metro Manila

Combi blinds is a trending type of window blinds and shade often seen in modern homes. Nowadays, it can also be seen in all types of hotel rooms as well such as this client of ours of a twin bedroom hotel in Pasay Metro Manila.  As we all know different type of rooms are offered in hotels nowadays and since it’s summer season it's also the peak season for hotels.  More tourists go in the tropical countries like here in the Philippines and even we Filipino goes on vacation to spend our summer outdoors in different places which also means most hotels are fully booked during this season.
Combi Blinds for a Classic Twin Bedroom - Kalayaan Village,  Pasay City
Combi Blinds for a Classic Twin Bedroom - Kalayaan Village,  Pasay City

Like our client in Pasay, they tend to prepare and get organize more at this time of the year and redesigning is always part of the preparation.  As part of the redesigning, our client wanted to change their window covering for their twin bedrooms from curtains to something new and modern. They wanted a window covering with full shade of brown that will look cozy and relaxing that's why we suggested Combi blinds since it is more trendy.

Hotel rooms are more often chosen by some individuals who wanted a serene escape from their busy life that's why we have to make it more calming and relaxing.  Pasay is a city in metro manila where many hotels and inns are built, competitors are all over the backyards offering different promos and services each of the hotel owners and administration have to be creative and idealistic to be able to stand in an endless competition.  Combi blinds is the best window shading in this generation.  Curtains on the other hand is a high maintenance type of window covering and is also prone to discoloration while Combi blinds can easily be cleaned with low-power vacuum that is why it's easier to maintain.  More hotels are switching to Combi Blinds since this blinds is so unique and versatile and very easy to compliment in any room design and interiors.
Combi Blinds installed at Kalayaan Village, Pasay Metro Manila
Combi Blinds installed at Kalayaan Village, Pasay Metro Manila

Hotel rooms also has different types of themes that combi blinds can easily complement because of the large variety of colors and design choice that will suit your motif room.  Combi blinds is also a cellular shade, an excellent choice in regulating light and blocking out the sun that provides customer protection and choice in controlling the amount of sun they wish to enter the room.  It also helps to enhance the overall atmosphere and appearance of the room with suitable color and design choice like our client choice in their new design twin bedroom.

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