Thursday, January 21, 2016

Band Shade Series Combi Blinds Installation at Tanauan Batangas

Combi blinds also known as Zebra blinds or Dual shades are the most versatile roll up shades today. It has the most extensive selection in color, texture and unique fabric design. One of the most creative and unique combi blinds that are really different to the regular ones is the Band Shade Series.  Manufacturing brand new series such as the Band Shades Combi blinds also known as Curves Series are equally welcome by our customers like our client in Tanauan Batangas who choose to install it in her brand new house.

Band shade combi blinds installed at Tanauan Batangas

Like the regular combi blinds Band Shade Series is also made up of one hundred percent polyester and composed of sheer and solid part fabric yet the arrangement and movement is different. The standard Combi blinds are composed of two layers of fabric with the alternation of sheer and solid part that work together to control the intensity of sunlight entering the room. While in Band Shade Series: Curve the sheer fabric is located at the back of the solid part and only the top edge of the solid fabric is attached on translucent fabric.
Also, as you can see in the Band Shade Series photos the unique feature it has compared the standard combi blinds is the horizontal band tape fabric acts as a connector of the solid fabric to one another such that when it's fully up it folded itself as you can see in 1st and last pictures which is very different to the standard combi.
Comparing regular combi blinds vs band shade series

Band shade combi blinds closed
Band Shade Series Combi blinds can appear more stylish and more appealing compared to the regular blinds. It can also be close and provide enough privacy as you can see in the picture below and half open, that show horizontal linings and create an illusion of a venetian blind like any other Combi blind design. It’s also available in different color that can fit well with different furniture and motif.

Combi blinds band shade series half-closed installed at Tanauan Batangas

The biggest reason people love about Combi blinds is that it combines the appearance and the benefits of a roll up shades and horizontal blinds in one. The alternations of the sheer and sold part of the fabric create the illusion of horizontal slats on the other hand; it's still made of fabric and a roll up shades which is more appealing. Band Shade Series sets a higher standard because it offers more advanced design and a whole new look. In addition to its unique design it looks more similar to horizontal blinds because of the affordable solid fabric. It’s durable, functional, and like any other Combi blinds Band Series also offers light filtering fabric that can control the amount of sunlight entering the room and provide enough privacy.
Fully opened band shade series combi

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