Monday, January 8, 2018

Duo Window Shades - A Combination of Traditional And Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Are you in the process of choosing whether to go for modern design or traditional theme? Indecisive to choose either of your two favorite design? Why not do both? In fact, it’s really common nowadays to mix both traditional and modern in one room, it’s also known as transitional style. Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and modern furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics that can produce something chic, prevailing design that is both comfortable and timeless.

Although traditional and modern scheme may have some contrasting component's transition style hits the perfect balance between the two. As shown in the images of our featured client is a beautiful example of a kitchen that combines traditional and modern theme. It flawlessly unites different furniture that some fits for traditional while others belong to the modern era.

The courses of transitional style usually agrees with furniture that is straight, though can also have an occasional mix of soft and sweeping for good measure. The furniture style should generate a room that is not too manly and too frilly, making it more comfortable for everyone. The range of color should also be dominantly subtle, such as ivory, beige and tan, although you can add different color, but bear in mind to make it moderate to create a scheme that is soothing and simply beautiful.

One of the signature characteristic of transition style and mostly used in traditional design is using warm brown to chocolate wood tones that our client specifically used in their cabinet and dining table. With transitional design the walls and floor should be neutral or soft tone color to give emphasis for your rich brown furniture that's usually used in modern design i.e. a contrast of soft and strong tones. Lastly, use something that can be comfortably match both traditional and modern themes such as Duo Window Shades a.k.a Combi Blinds for window dressing like shown in the pictures.

Duo Window Shades or combi blinds have been around for quite some time now and yet it's still fresh in most peoples’ eyes and can even be said to be still in trend at the moment. It’s one of the most innovative blinds yet can be an unconditionally complements traditional theme without question. There’s also different color available that makes it more flexible for different design that suits a room that used both traditional and modern themes.

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