Thursday, April 11, 2019

PVC Wood Blinds Durable and Water Resistant : Batangas Project

PVC wood blinds (as opposed to real wood blinds) is a look alike of the real thing.  But do not dismiss it immediately since some of its features are better than what it imitates. First of all, since it is made of durable plastic it is far better water-resistant than the real ones.

We all know that real wood rots when frequently exposed to moist and water.  This means that PVC wood blinds (also known as faux wood blinds) is better performing and more durable in places where there are faucets or water source like in the kitchen or even in bathrooms.

Another advantage of this type of blinds is that it's about 1/3 cheaper than real wood blinds.  As you can see in the photos taken from a customer in Batangas, PVC wood blinds looks just like the real thing even if you inspect it closely.  Unless you're exposed to wood working and is educated on it, it's more likely you'll not be able to distinguish PVC and wood material.

PVC wood blinds color is also more resistant to fading compared to real wood.  This is due to the durability of PVC, better paint techniques that has higher color fastness that can be applied to it where as real wood is only limited to paint brush and spray.

Real wood blinds, in fairness, has major advantages such as it is lighter and is genuine wood.  It depends in your profile and preference.  Some are practical and some have taste for more expensive things.  Having only genuine things is expensive and rare, but to some people it is the only ones acceptable even if they have to pay a higher price.  Even for arts such as paintings, two similar looking paintings have a big price disparity if the other one is genuine and the other one is imitation.

These type of blinds are more popular in the provinces such Batangas, Laguna, Cavite and/or Metro Manila houses inside subdivisions where there are no policies on window coverings.  Most condominiums are stricter and only allows beige or white color.  Although PVC wood blinds has white colors, the more popular ones are wood natural colors like teak, brown, and mahogany.

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