Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Multi-Colored PVC Vertical Blinds for a Colorful Home Design - Makati Project

Even during this period where more customers prefer minimal interior designs compared to bright, playful ones, our Makati client’s inclination to mix and match colors for their home still stands out. For today’s article, we shall be going over and commenting on multi-colored vertical PVC blinds and how it contributes to a colorful home design. 

PVC blinds are made from the commonly used plastic chemical called polyvinyl chloride. These are known to be durable and adaptive as they can withstand intense winds, rains and sunlight. All these without the worry of deteriorating quality and rust. Such blinds are also good insulators, therefore it can keep your home warmer during the sunny weather or cooler during rainy ones. It is also said to be more environmentally-friendly as it is more dominantly composed of chlorine which is extracted from salt or sodium chloride. 

With the services we offer, we can help clients mix and match more than one color of vertical PVC blinds. Customers may opt to choose more than one color for their vertical panels according to their home design and preference. This customizing of vertical blades can also be done in different types of blinds like wood blinds, faux wood blinds, mini blinds and fabric vertical blinds. Still with our Makati example, let’s dive further into how it highlighted the kitchen of the client. 

Who’d have thought that blinds color and design can be customized to the next level? Let’s talk about how our Makati installation added pastel hues to the kitchen counter of our client. With its blue and pink cabinets and wall colors, the vertical PVC blinds of the same shades plus an added pastel green tone, the kitchen came more alive and striking to one’s eyes. Who said kitchens or dinings are boring? With multi-colored blinds, these can be as pleasing to the eyes as any other part of the house. 

Our collection of panels have a very wide range of colors. If a client still wants to go for the minimalist style, they can opt for the neutral colors of plain white, richmond mocha, woody cherrywood, ivory and vanilla. But the fun can go on with the cooler pastel shades of green, pink, violet and blue. Like with our Makati client, customers can opt for three different colors for their PVC blinds. If they want something more simple, they can mix the different shades of white with whatever color goes with their interior. 

Also unique with our collection is that it has different textures which can also complement their preferred house designs. With its available colors, we have the textures that are plain, floral, mazed, brush, richmond, waves, woody, london and curved. These textures can go well with plain walls and large-sized windows and patio doors. 

You can see more of PVC vertical blinds colors and textures in this link: https://www.carpet.com.ph/pvc-vertical-blinds/

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