Tuesday, May 2, 2023

PVC Folding Accordion Door for Laboratories: Muntinlupa Installation

Dividing a room using an accordion door has a lot of purpose. This can be to create more space, save space, and come up with a good room layout. One can achieve all these at the same time if the placement of the dividers is planned and executed properly. For today’s feature, we will be discussing folding accordion doors for laboratories installed for our Muntinlupa client.
Folding doors are most convenient because they can be folded and stacked against one another. Such are composed of a number of panels or sections which allow the fold and stack feature. At present, these doors are known for their elegant and minimalist design and style. They are also the best choice for large venue rooms which can still be divided for multi purposes. 

Aside from these, there are a lot more tips on how to maximize the use of folding doors. An additional traffic door can be added as a layer to these folding doors in high-traffic areas and places. This is to provide double security and efficiency in areas where people enter and go all the time. As another complement to folding doors, there also exists heat-reflective glass to control temperature. The placing of this additional decor will make the room less warm and heat will be controlled. Further, it must be noted that folding doors can fit anywhere and can be used in any room space a client may prefer.
Our product for today is the installation of folding doors for the laboratory area of our Muntinlupa client. Having a folding door for such space is conducive because room spacers can be easily separated and the room can be used for various purposes. As presented, the product is installed for a school laboratory. This is most appropriate because aside from efficiently dividing the room, this allows more than one class to be held in the area. This way, more students with different classes can be modularized.
In addition to that, a lock was added to the folding doors. Through this, security can be achieved and students can be more assured of confidentiality and privacy during their classes. This complementary feature adds convenience for the users of the room and ensures that their activities are properly carried out because they are properly segregated from other activities. With this also, resources are efficiently used and a large room area is maximized. In conclusion, accordion doors are a good choice for schools but of course, these would be as convenient for other commercial areas as well.

For more information on our PVC folding accordion door, visit our mall stores at the 4F of Waltermart Makati, 3F of Robinsons Metro East, 2F Pacific Mall. Call us at 8403-3262, 8893-1373, or 0916-311-3909. Email us at inquiry@dswindows.com.

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