Saturday, August 12, 2023

Venetian Blinds for Bay Windows : Makati Installation

Nowadays, we make things work by setting up mix and matches, may it be for our outfits, food, work setup and even for our interior and home decor. This method gives us a sense of style and freedom in expressing ourselves in colors, textures and different designs not just through a single element but with paired ones. Diving into the world of perfect pairings, our article today talks about the mix and match of venetian blinds and bay windows for our Makati client.

Like the many blinds we discussed before, venetian blinds are composed of strips of either wood, plastic or aluminum. These slats are horizontal in form and can be adjusted through a cord or a stick. The adjustments allow full coverage or less protection from sunlight. When adjusted, the horizontal panels overlap and provide the amount of protection a client prefers. We see venetian mostly anywhere, may it be residential spaces or commercial ones. These are preferred because of its functional and ornamental benefits.

Aside from all these, venetian blinds are also known for their capacity to provide privacy. Even with thinner panels, these are also as effective in providing coverage for homes or offices. These blinds are also energy efficient, being able to block out heat during summer and retain heat during colder seasons. It is appropriate for urban areas where the weather can range from very hot to unpredictable. They are also relatively easy to maintain and this is very convenient for busy city residents who have a lot of other tasks at hand. Further, venetian blinds are known to be durable and versatile, making them cost-effective. Venetian blinds’ versatility allow it to be the best choice for a variety of spaces like regular windows, skylights and even bay windows.

Unlike regular rectangular windows, bay windows are composed of three or more windows protruding outwards to create a semi-circular and more spacious look for an interior. Venetian blinds are just the blinds for these windows because such can accommodate the design and size. Venetian blinds can be customized according to our client’s preferences and below are just some considerations we take in for our installation. The first crucial consideration is the measurements. We have ready made venetian blinds for bay windows but for a perfect and precise fit, clients can have these blinds custom-made according to the size of their windows. Since bay windows have at least three parts, clients may also choose if they want individual blinds for each part or a continuous one to accommodate all window spaces. Clients could also choose to adjust the tilt control and cord management for the venetian blinds. This is to allow them to maximize the flexible use of such coverings and adjust sunlight intake as they please.

Looking at our installation, it is evident that the blinds gave the interior a more spacious look and the gray mini blinds are just the right tone for the white walls and elegant furniture of the house. Overall, the blinds gave a classic look to the space and gave it a good mix and match of older and contemporary interior impression. These mini blinds are also available in a wide range of colors which can be browsed through this link:

For more information on our venetian blinds, visit our mall stores or email us at You can also reach us at (02) 8403-3262, (02) 8893-1373, or 0916-311-3909.

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