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Double or Dual Mechanism Roller Blinds: Best of Both Worlds - Mandaluyong Installation

 For today’s blog, we’ll be venturing on a new variation to roller blinds. Double the fun and definitely best of both worlds, this article will be about double or dual mechanism roller blinds. From its name alone, one will already have an idea on how the product will function. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The trivias are just about to begin.

Dual mechanism roller blinds simply combine the functions and benefits of two roller blinds into one. Its main distinct attribute is that it has two fabrics, instead of only one, attached to a single casing. Typically, these fabrics differ in fabric type. One would usually be a blackout sheet to provide better coverage and the other will be made up of a sheerer fabric for more natural light intake. These two sheets have their own separate control mechanism in the form of either a chain or a stick. This way, both roller fabric can operate independently.

This is where the best of both worlds come in. During the day, one can just roll down the translucent portion of the dual mechanism roller blinds. This would allow better lighting for the interior while maintaining proper sunlight protection and privacy. The portion of these blinds with thicker fabric is more appropriate at night as these provide full coverage for a darkened room suited for the most comfortable sleeping environment. During summertime where heat is a little extra, one could just roll down both sheets to maximize cover and ensure that room spacers, appliances, and furniture are all protected. 

Versus normal roller blinds, this type with dual mechanism provides better light control and adjustment. They may seem a bit bulky for a single purchase but as mentioned, one could maximize its use because of the two types of fabrics it provides. Aesthetically, dual mechanism roller blinds can be mixed or matched with other window drapes and provide a layered look for windows and significantly enhance its vibe or feel.

Our Mandaluyong installation manifests all these benefits. They had the roller blinds custom-made for their large windows and opted it to be in three parts, enhancing the overlook of the bedroom. This goes to show that our products could be aligned to client’s needs and preferences. They chose the color white and this went well with the classy, minimal space of our client. All these and more can be seen in this link:

For more information on our Double or Dual mechanism roller blinds visit our mall stores or call us at 8403-3262, 8893-1373, or 0916-311-3909. Email at

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