Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pleated Combi Shades Wine Color - Lucena City Project

One of our client is blessed to have a vacation house in Lucena city, Quezon province.  A small vacation property to accommodate their family's holiday vacations and to be away from the busy life of urban living in Metro Manila.  They use to prefer curtains as window cover however they realized later on that whenever they arrive at their vacation house dust already accumulated in their curtains.

To avoid this maintenance issues, they purchased pleated combi shades with wine color since blinds and shades in general are easier to clean and maintain.  Compared to curtains, blinds and shades have a smaller surface area where dust and insects can stick.  It is also generally easier to clean by just using small vacuum cleaner or wet damp cloth.

Curtains and draperies require diligent maintenance, ideally should be replaced and put to laundry after a week or two due to settling of dust.  Mosquitoes and other insects sometimes also lurks on it.  So for houses that are always empty like when residents are frequently away, curtains are not actually advisable unless you have a full-time care taker of the house.


In terms of colors, our client chose a darker color i.e. wine color that will contrast the white wall and light colored furniture.  They also chose the pleated type as opposed to the plain ones to give more character and thickness to combi shades fabric.  It also effectively blocks about 95% of sunlight so that when the owners wants to lessen the glare in their television or computer monitors in the room, they can simply pull the cord to close the blinds.

For this family, it is important that when they arrive at their vacation home everything looks clean and bright.  Choosing the best window cover and interior products and products/service providers that will work for your requirements will ensure a happy and comfortable stay.

If you are in Quezon province, you may call us at 0916-311-3909 or email us at  You may also visit our branch at 2nd Floor Pacific Mall, M.L. Tagarao St., Lucena City.

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