Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Glass Paneled French Accordion for Home’s Indoor Doorway

Glass is a material that is widely used for windows, walls and doors. Glass used as doors are mostly considered for home’s indoor doorway. Doors inside your home will define your personality along with the rest of your interiors, so it should be presented in the best way possible. Modern indoor glass doors not only enhance privacy but also enhance interior design and decor of your home. Interior glass door, like french accordion door, is very elegant and gives a clean and sophisticated appearance with a wide range of designs to choose from.

French accordion door can be a combination of glass and solid part and has several customizable features that can surely meet your preferences. It can also be full glass or half glass / half solid part. With various PVC glass design that can be partnered to the solid parts, you can unleash your creativity and easily design your own door.

This article features three different clients who opted glass paneled french accordion door as their interior doors with different designs and purposes. In the first picture, our client chose to have half ocean-design glass and half embossed panel french accordion door for his storage room. This storage room is just a step away from his living room where he usually entertain guests. This type of door is perfect for tucking away any less-than-pleasing items and can add an eye-catching feature to your home. With its captivating look, who would know that it is just an ordinary storage room?

Our next featured client decided to have french accordion door for her bedroom doorway. As we all know, bedrooms are one of the most intimate parts of a home and it is very important to maintain its privacy. Though french accordion doors are designed with glass panel, it can still provide adequate privacy need just like any other doors.

This client of ours designed her own door with a full tinted brown beveled glass with a curvy shape solid part. It gives an appealing look for her bedroom at the same time maintains its privacy. Our last featured client made his own meditation room that allows him to escape from daily stress of life, and having french accordion door was a great option. In the picture below, he opted to have half T-4 glass design and half louver panel as its lower solid part. French accordion door also helps in reducing noise from the outside. It can make your room more quiet and peaceful to rest and relax after a very long day.

French accordion door is one of the most innovative, stylish indoor glass doors available in the market nowadays. With its unique glass design and various combinations that we can offer to you, you can easily design your door that is suitable for your own purposes.

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