Thursday, July 13, 2017

Small Windows are Perfect Fit for Inside Mounting Roll Up Blinds: Pasay City

Our featured client in this blog is from Pasay city that opted for sunscreen roll up blinds that's inside mounted the window frame. Small windows, such as narrow windows, also known as slim windows or skinny windows are great way to let natural light in without sacrificing the room’s privacy. It adds a modern touch to your interior and produce a unique look on the exterior of your home.

Small windows have lots of options for window treatment. Whether you need privacy, light blockage, or simple decoration, roll up blinds can be a perfect fit. Its straightforwardness makes it suitable for the narrow widths and long lengths.

Roll up blinds are also very versatile when it comes to its mounting style. You can choose to have it inside mounted where the blinds are fitted inside the window frame, or outside mounted, where blinds are hanged with the brackets outside of the window frame. Choosing the right mounting position are very important. This will help you satisfy your needs and wants for your room. As illustrated below our client, who has a group of narrow windows in his bedroom, wants to increase his room privacy and block some light that's coming in while maintaining its modern look. He opted to have an inside mounted roll up blinds where the brackets are attached to the upper part inside the window frame. These brackets can be placed almost anywhere on the top, or the corner inside window frame, just make sure there is at least 3 inches depth on the window frame to accommodate the mounting brackets and to fully recessed the blinds.

The downside of inside mounted roll up blinds is having a little light gaps on the sides, still it gives stylish and cleanest look not just to the windows but also to entire room. You can also increase the room privacy by having a roll up blinds with a kind of blackout fabric where no one from the outside can see what's inside through that window. You can’t go wrong with roll up blinds for a sleek, easy to use window treatment. Its versatility, along with the variety of material colors and style, adds a personality to even the smallest window.

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