Monday, September 26, 2022

Venetian blinds with 2-Tone or 3-Tone Colors: Pasay Project

One of the considerations clients look into today is how they can easily customize products. Sure, it is already very beneficial to acquire products that will serve desired functions but to align these products to one’s style and preferences is definitely an important bonus. This is why we feature 2-tone and 3-tone venetian blinds for our Pasay client today. 

It is no question that window blinds have the capability to alter and enhance a room both in functional and aesthetic aspects and so for this article, we shall venture into these advantages and also discuss colors and styles of the aforementioned. Venetian blinds or also commonly known miniblinds are composed of long and narrow horizontal panels brought together by a string which also serves as an important mechanism in adjusting such blinds. These are most useful for covering windows, no matter the size. 

Going over the functional benefits of Venetian blinds, first one the list of course is its evidently convenient use. Light and heat intake are better controlled with these blinds, meaning rooms may be covered or users may still enjoy an outside view. Protection from UV rays are also guaranteed, not only to our health but also to certain furniture and appliances to prevent them from deteriorating. One can also count on these blinds for better privacy because aside from being able to fully cover a window through miniblinds, one can also layer it with curtains and even enhance a room’s design. 

Also essential to point out is how Venetian blinds are easy to clean and maintain. A customer will only need to occasionally wipe or dust the horizontal slats and then they can be as good as new. Keeping them clean is essential so that room spacers will not have to worry about dirt or dust and allergy-triggering spaces. 

Another exciting part in this article is how our Pasay client made use of the 2-tone and 3-tone miniblinds for their interior. The dark to light shades of pink scheme gave the room a brighter look and added a blush-like tone to its overall look. The choice also went well with the wall’s paint and to other materials in the room.

Meanwhile, this other installation of white and green Venetian blinds is an excellent choice for the student’s lab. The blinds simply gave a cool touch to the room and made it look more classroom friendly and conducive for learning. Unsurprisingly, the multi-colored blinds also gave the interior a minimalist aesthetic vibe that fits a learning setup. 

The last important thing to be said about Venetian blinds is that a client definitely has a wide variety of choices. From dark shades of coral, blue and red to cooler hues like white, silver and pink, clients can easily customize according to their choice. You can see more of their colors and shades through this link:

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