Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Korean Blinds for Classrooms and Offices For a Chic Looking Rooms : Makati Project

According to Pacifica Companies, to have the ideal study area, a student’s room must have sufficient sunlight. The more natural light there is, the better, because this helps improve concentration and alerts the mind. Meanwhile, in New Day Office’s article, they cite a recent study in Cornell University saying that employees with access to natural light experience an 84% drop with headache and eye strain-related issues. These being established, we shall explore the benefits of Korean blinds for classrooms and offices through our recent Makati project. 


Korean blinds or combi blinds are most commonly known for being one of the most flexible blinds to use. It is convenient because it has alternating sheer and solid fabric which allows more light intake options and provides excellent privacy to room users. As we have illustrated before, these blinds can be used through their translucent parts, fully cover a room with their solid sheets or both by alternating such through the blinds’ pulling mechanism.

The combi blind installation for our Makati client’s office does its purpose well. Employees and company management can have their meetings and discussions without having to worry about privacy or getting confidential details leaked. Through the combi blinds, employees can opt to allow natural light in or fully cover the room when matters are discussed. As seen in the picture, they could also opt to alternate the two fabrics and let controlled light intake into the room. Additionally, their choice of the combi blinds’ color matched the furniture, flooring and office walls as well. 

On another note, it is also good to point out that the combi blinds improved the overall office environment. In another Makati project, as shown above, the cool tone of the blinds gave the office a chic and natural impression. The simplicity of the room will help employees be more at ease and less stressed about work. Evidently, a good environment helps employees feel that they are not working and therefore, be more productive and just enjoy even their office hours.

This classroom also gives the cool and chic look for students. The blinds made the room look breathable despite the large desks and chairs. Having a spacious classroom with protection from sunlight will help the student concentrate on their lessons more and even allow them to be more productive and enthusiastic in going to class. The light blue tones matched even with the wood furniture and walls.

A room’s design and impression may be something that we overlook because, usually, they are already set in place when we arrive. But by improving them and putting things to make them more breathable, even for doing work, we may become more productive and alert. More of our combi blinds can be seen through this link: www.blinds.com.ph

For more information on our Korean blinds call us at 8893-1373, 8403-3262 or 0916-311-3909. Visit our mall showroom branches at the 4F of Waltermart Makati, 3F Robinsons Metro East, or 2F Pacific Mall. Email us at inquiry@dswindows.com.

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