Friday, June 23, 2023

Roller Sunshade for Condo Living : Quezon City Project

Needless to say, condo living is at its high in the country. Well, who wouldn’t be enticed with great amenities, excellent security, convenient location and low-maintenance living? When you are in the metro, everyday you’ll be on the go so an accessible home is a must. Being in an elevated area requires proper sunlight protection and covering. This is where today’s product comes in. In this article, we shall venture on condominiums and how roller shades complement them in style and in function.

Countless sites provide why the demand and preference for condominiums are at an uptrend. Because work opportunities are mostly in highly urbanized areas, employees and job seekers tend to take the leap. This given, these workers look for a place that will be near shopping places, groceries, restaurants and fast food chains so that their everyday living will be easier. Further, condominiums compete for useful and entertaining amenities may it be pools, gyms, work and study lounges and even spas. Another inviting aspect of shifting to condo living is that it is low maintenance. One may need to pay fees but at least some house work will be taken off their shoulders, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

The most important element in this article are our roller shades. These are flexible blinds composed of either a sheer or thicker single fabric that can be moved up and down depending on client preferences. The first thing you may want to remember about these blind is that they provide good protection from sunlight. Since most condo units are found in higher floors or areas, such covering is a must. This helps protect interior furniture and other house materials. They have light filtering capacities that can help a client provide a layer of UV rays defense for their home.

The next thing is, these roller shades for condos are relatively easy to customize and maintain. A client may opt to purchase these blinds for larger or smaller window options for their unit and we can deliver whatever the preference is. And because these are only composed of a single fabric, it is easy to clean and maintain. One may only need to use a soft wet cloth or even a vacuum to maintain its quality and maximize its purpose.

As an observation to our Quezon City installations, the colors of roller blinds for condos only include lighter shades like gray, beige and white. This happens for a bigger reason. These light colors provide more sense of openness or brightness to condos. It provides aesthetic benefits as well because the lighter the shade of the roller blinds, the easier it is to match with preferred furniture and room interior.

Today, we have seen that roller shades are a match with the condo living experience. For more matches and options, click this link:

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